• Containers

    By now, most IT professionals will have heard of Docker and containers. They’re either using containers, or are considering doing so in the future.

    Personally, I’m something of a recent convert to the idea of using containers. Until I started in my current role at Divido, all of my employers had been using more traditional hosting environments; some were even actively hostile towards the idea of containers.

  • Moving on from Guru Systems, joining Divido

    Since May 2017, I’ve been working with Guru Systems as a Senior Developer.

  • Deus Ex

    Lately, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the Deus Ex series of games; specifically those featuring Adam Jensen. Yes, I know that the last game came out in 2016. I’m a little behind the times, what can I say?

  • Spectrum Next Update

    It’s been 18 months since my last post about Spectrum development.

  • Joining Guru Systems

    I’ve spent much of the last two years at Siftware working with Guru Systems as my primary client, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll now be working with them a lot closer; I’m joining their team.

  • Getting started with ZX Spectrum Development

    Excited by meeting Henrique Olifiers and Jim Bagley at last year’s Revival 2016, I was all set to start on developing a game for the upcoming Spectrum Next.

  • Not a Ninja

    I’m not a ninja.

    I’m not a rock star either.

    I’m a software developer. That’s what makes me tick.

  • Revival Solstice 2016 and the ZX Spectrum Next

    I just got back from the first of two days at Revival Solstice 2016, an amazing retrogaming event.

  • Joining the team at Siftware

    Approximately eighteen months after (re-)joining Impact Applications, I’m now moving on to (potentially) greener pastures; I’m joining the team at Siftware!

  • Elite: Dangerous

    I was an early backer of Elite: Dangerous, although I couldn’t afford the steep price demanded to play the alpha or beta versions during development.

  • Why I like Ruby on Rails

    I’ve now been a professional web developer for more than eight years, and I had an interest in web technologies for some years before that. In that time, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time looking for something that would make my life easier, to make me more productive.